The Department of Market and Street Sales, directed by Javier Martín (Cs), reports that the municipal market restricts its sales activity to the public to 50% of the stalls that usually sell their products, starting next Wednesday, November 11, 2020. In this way, two groups of stops are established that will alternate successively each week.

“This decision is taken in compliance with the resolution dated November 6, of the Conselleria de Sanidad Universal y Salud Pública, by which extraordinary additional measures are agreed in the Valencian Community, as a result of the health crisis situation caused by Covid -19 ”, stated the mayor, Javier Martín (Cs).

As stated in the regulations “markets that carry out their activity on public roads in the open air or for non-sedentary sales, may be installed in up to 50% of the usually authorized stalls, being able, alternatively, to increase the available space , so that an equivalent effect is produced to guarantee that the safety distance is maintained and crowds are avoided ”.

Thus, the market maintains its usual location and citizens will enter the premises through a single entrance and, at the end of their purchases, they will leave it through a single exit. Staying on the premises will be essential to make the purchase, avoiding social relationships and crowds.

Security measures

In principle, the stops will be distributed in two streets or rows, between which there will be a minimum safety distance of 6 m. In addition, between station and station the separation is established at 2.5 m2 and between the vendor and the user at 2 m. This last measure is the one that the buyer will also have to maintain with other users who, in no case, will be able to touch the food.

The council recalls that the use of a mask and hand hygiene with disinfectant solutions is mandatory. In addition, it strongly requests that those with symptoms compatible with COVID-19 refrain from going to the market. In this sense, Councilor Javier Martín (Cs) requests “collaboration and citizen responsibility so that the municipal market service can be carried out with all the guarantees.”

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