With the conviction that the Radar COVID application for mobile phones is a valuable tool for, among all, to be able to stop the pandemic, the El Campello City Council joins the campaign of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) so that the citizenship install the device, very useful to detect and control chains of infections. The effectiveness of Radar COVID by citizens will be greater the greater the number of people who have it.

The mayor, Juanjo Berenguer, encourages all campelleros and campelleras to download and use this application. It is a simple installation on smartphones and is more efficient. Radar COVID is now available for operation throughout the national territory.

“Since this pandemic began, municipalities have played a fundamental role in everything related to awareness-raising and message transmission, and now we ask for a little more effort to continue advancing in that line that has worked so well in El Campello”, Berenguer points out.

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