For the north, for the south and for the west. All access roads to El Campello will be subject, from today until early Monday morning, to a special police operation arranged to prevent vehicles coming from towns that are subject by order of the Generalitat to a special perimeter closure to prevent access to the municipality to stop the advance of Covid-19, which are all those that exceed 50,000 inhabitants.

In that case, due to its proximity to El Campello, there are Alicante to the south, Sant Vicent to the west and Benidorm to the north.

The operation involves the coordination of troops from the Civil Guard and Local Police, who on many other occasions have worked together in the fight against the pandemic, and this weekend will be especially strict in compliance with the rules.

The Security and Traffic Councilor, Rafa Galvañ (PP), announces that the controls will be constant. “Fighting the virus is everyone’s business, and in this case it requires avoiding temptations to access our municipality from locations where it is forbidden to enter or leave,” says the mayor.

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