• Restrictions decline in the following sectors: cinemas, theaters, auditoriums, museums and libraries. Also in commerce and in festive venues.
  • Hotels and restaurants. Indoor seating of 75%, with tables for up to 10 people and use of a seated bar. The closure will be according to the license of each premises.
  • Nightlife. 75% capacity with tables of 10 people, use of the bar sitting and dancing allowed. The extended cut-off time at 5 in the morning.
  • Sporting events. The maximum number of people in sporting events such as marathons or half marathons is eliminated.
  • Capacity increase to 75% in gyms, indoor pools, banquets or conferences.
  • Professional leagues. The maximum number of spectators decreases and the limit will be 40% in pavilions and 60% in open-air stadiums.
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