• The Resolution of November 25, 2021, of the Minister of Universal Health and Public Health, is extended, by which measures are agreed on public health regarding access to certain establishments within the Valencian Community, as a consequence of the situation of health crisis caused by covid-19, until 11:59 p.m. on January 31, 2022.
  • The minimum of fifty people with an established capacity is eliminated so that the vaccination certificate, diagnostic test or COVID-19 recovery certificate will always be required in the establishments ordered by this cited resolution.
  • The spaces requiring the presentation of the vaccination certificate, diagnostic test or covid-19 recovery certificate, within the Valencian Community, for people over twelve years of age, including this age, are extended to the following spaces:
    a) Closed and open places where food or drink service is provided, by business company (catering, self-service …) or by hotel and restaurant company that provides this type of service.
    b) Cinemas, multifunctional halls, circuses and festive venues, where food or beverage service is provided during the performance, activity or use of the premises by a hotel and restaurant establishment, by a business company (catering, self-service ….), by means of the organization itself, or food or drink provided by the people themselves is consumed.
    c) Music festivals that are held in closed spaces and in outdoor spaces where the use of a mask permanently is not feasible.
    d) Spaces with catering services located in tourist accommodation, sports facilities and specialized centers for the elderly (CEAM), comprehensive centers for the elderly (CIM) and similar centers such as coexistence clubs for the elderly and the like.
    e) Gyms where permanent use of the mask is necessary and indoor swimming pools
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