Beach use rules

Measures adopted for the prevention of Covid-19

Before enjoying a magnificent day at the beach, think that #responsiblebeaches are #healthybeaches

  • Do not access with symptoms
  • Mandatory use of a mask if there is not enough distance
  • Respect the pedestrian direction
  • Walk on your right
  • Respect the direction of the catwalks
  • Respect the safety distance between people
  • Respect the safety distance between umbrellas
  • Respect the safe distance when bathing
  • Respect the safety distance on the front line
  • In any case with wind, keep more safety distance
  • Don’t go barefoot
  • Follow the instructions of authorized personnel
  • Use the footbath when going out
  • Play in the designated areas
  • Do not smoke on the beaches and coves, it is prohibited
  • Use the bins correctly
  • Always follow the instructions of the lifeguard


In case of any emergency call the 112

Local Police 965 637 099

Guardia Civil 965 630 418

Protección Civil 965 634 444


Biohealthy areas

-Stay home if you have symptoms

-Keep a distance of 2 meters between bathers

-If you can’t keep that distance, use a mask

-Respect the specific regulations, the specific regulations of the City Council, Health and Emergency

-Respect the signaling of entrances and exits

-Don’t throw cigarette butts or waste on the beach

-Avoid contact with surfaces, wearing footwear

-Wash your hands after touching common items

-Don’t touch your mouth, nose or eyes until you wash your hands

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