Hotels and restaurants


The hotel and restaurant establishments must respect the following conditions:

a) Cleaning and disinfection of equipment, in particular tables, chairs, bar, as well as any other contact surface, on a frequent basis.

b) The use of single-use table linen will be prioritized. In the event that this is not possible, the use of the same table linen or table mat with different clients should be avoided, opting for materials and solutions that facilitate their change between services and their mechanical washing in wash cycles between 60 and 90 degrees centigrade.

c) Efforts will be made to avoid the use of letters of common use, promoting the use of their own electronic devices, blackboards, posters or other similar means.

d) Auxiliary elements of the service, such as crockery, glassware, cutlery sets or table linens, among others, will be stored in closed areas and, if this is not possible, away from areas where customers and workers pass by. .

e) The use of single-dose disposable products, or their service in other formats at the request of the client, for the dispensing of napkins, toothpicks, cruet, oil cans and other similar utensils will be prioritized.

f) In establishments that have self-service areas, direct handling of the products by customers must be avoided, so the establishment’s staff must provide the service except in the case of packaged products. previously.

g) The staff who perform table and bar service must endeavor to maintain a safe distance from the client and apply the necessary hygiene and prevention procedures to avoid the risk of contagion. In any case, the use of a mask will be mandatory for staff in their attention to the public.

The closure of discos, dance halls and bars with live musical performances is adopted.
The need to guarantee the minimum interpersonal distance of 1.5 meters in bar services, the distance between tables and a limitation of 10 people per table, with a closing time at one in the morning, with the impossibility of accepting new clients after midnight.

Upgrade. New measures from November 7 to December 9.

– Hotel and restaurant establishments. The activity of the nightclubs, dance halls, karaoke and cocktail bars as well as the karaokes in the hotel and restaurant establishments is suspended.

– Hotel and restaurant establishments. Consumption inside the premises may not exceed 1/3 of the capacity and consumption on the terraces may not exceed 50%. ‘Self-service’ or ‘buffet’ type services are not allowed. Nor is the collective or group consumption of drinks allowed on the street or in public spaces outside the hotel and catering establishments or similar.

– Hotels and tourist accommodation. Capacity of 1/3. In those that offer rooms and collective facilities, people belonging to different coexistence groups will not be able to spend the night or simultaneously use collective services.

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