Religious cults


  • Use of a mask at the entrance, at the exit, and when moving indoors between common spaces, provided that the interpersonal safety distance cannot be guaranteed.
  • The use of blessed water will not be allowed and ritual ablutions must be performed at home.
  • The distribution of the people attending will be facilitated inside the places of worship, indicating, if necessary, the seats or usable areas, in order to guarantee interpersonal safety distance.
  • In cases where the attendees are placed directly on the ground and take off their shoes before entering the place of worship, personal rugs will be used and the footwear will be placed in the stipulated places, bagged and separated.
  • During the development of meetings or celebrations, personal contact, touching or kissing objects of devotion or other objects that are habitually handled will be avoided.
  • Choirs should be avoided during celebrations.
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