Sexuality and Covid

The Ministry of Health has advised not to have sexual relations with the couple if they have symptoms compatible with Covid-19, the disease that causes the new coronavirus, such as, for example, fever, cough, feeling of shortness of breath, decreased smell and taste, chills, sore throat and headache, general weakness, diarrhea, or vomiting.

Although for now the presence of the virus has not been detected in vaginal fluids, it has been verified that it is present in semen, saliva and feces. For this reason, the department headed by Salvador Illa has assured the population that the “safest sexual partner against Covid-19 is someone with whom one lives regularly and does not present symptoms that could suggest that he or she suffers from the disease.”

“After the period of confinement due to the state of alarm for Covid-19, it is foreseeable that people will begin to resume social encounters, including sexual relations. For this reason, it is important to be aware of the risk posed by exposure with direct and close interpersonal contact that can be risky both for the new coronavirus and for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections ”, Health has pointed out in an infographic.

Likewise, the Ministry has recalled that the greatest transmissibility of Covid-19 occurs from 2 days before the onset of symptoms and during the first week by contact with respiratory drops, which infect another person through the nose, eyes or the mouth directly, as well as touching the nose, eyes or mouth with hands that have touched surfaces contaminated by these drops.

“Most people get Covid-19 from other infected people with symptoms. However, there is more and more evidence of the role that people without symptoms or with mild symptoms play in the transmission of the virus ”, has highlighted Occupational Health, to recommend going to the doctor or the health center in the event that there is had a practice of risk of sexually transmitted infection.

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