Social Center


Ground floor: An access control is established at the main entrance door to the social center.

The concierge position has been established with attention to the public, it will be provided with a screen (with a window if documents are required to be signed by the public).

The itinerary of entry and exit of the independent building will be established. Entrance main door and exit door leading to the TRAM.

Horizontal marking on the ground that indicates the direction of movement. Another itinerary that does not involve work made up of the SPA has been signposted and has been launched.

The two ground floor doors are kept open to ensure natural ventilation.

Mandatory entry signage is placed through the main door and no entry signage through the rear door.

A staircase going up and a stairway down to avoid crossings is signposted. Indicate on the access ladder “access forbidden to all unauthorized personnel”.

Placed in the elevator indicating that it can only be used by people with reduced mobility.

The game room for the elderly has been enabled to place 5-6 public service stations in two facing rows with a safety distance of 2 meters and with a circular route that avoids crossings between people.

Established the capacity of the common areas (newspaper library, dance halls …) 2 meters per person in any direction. Avoid its use as far as possible.

The ground floor games room, the basement gymnasium, is kept closed… We have opted for the closure of dependencies and access for users to upper floors except for City Council staff.

The cleaning of the building has increased (change of shifts, cleaning in the morning for the ground floor and afternoon for the rest of the building).

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